Attendee Registration for #UCET18 is now open!


Registration will open soon.

What is UCET?

The Utah Coalition for Educational Technology, a 501(c)3 Utah not for profit, volunteer-service organization comprised of educators and others interested in promoting technology-enhanced learning and teaching for all.

What is the UCET Conference?

UCET is holding our annual conference at the University of Utah. This conference provides many hands-on breakout sessions on ways to utilize technology in teaching and learning, and is perfect for educators of every grade level or subject area who are interested in technology integration. Last year over 1300 educators attended the conference to particpate, present, and lead activities. The theme for the March conference is “YOUcet”.

What does YOUcet mean?

We all know that human factors play a critical role in technology adoption, without the right training and support the investment in hardware is likely to fail. This year at UCET we’d like to focus on the human side of tech. How technology can help us build relationships, engage our students in collaboration, and take student innovations and ideas to the next level. Technology can do amazing things, but humans are more amazing! And not to brag, but the teachers in Utah are the MOST amazing. That’s why our theme for UCET is UCET, but not spelled like that… Like this: YOUcet! Get excited for this year’s conference where the focus is YOU. #YOUcet #UCET18