2014 #edcamput

Thank you for attending Edcamp Utah!  A special thanks to all of our sponsors:

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  • UEN

  • Skype in the Classroom

  • UCET

  • Neil Armstrong Academy

  • Granite School District

What teachers are saying about Edcamp Utah

"Edcamp is what professional development should be about. Teachers coming together to discuss individual challenges and interests, while sharing resources or possible solutions based on real needs, interests, and experiences. Participating in Edcamp Utah was one of the most authentic professional development experiences I have had in years." Jeremy Smith

"I had no idea what to expect at this event. I was pleasantly surprised as so many teachers were very willing to share their experiences with different technology. I felt like the sharing of the collective knowledge regarding technology was very valuable." Jean Robinson

"I really enjoyed the open format of each session. Everyone's ideas were heard and addressed within each session, regardless of current level of understanding." Kathryn Morrison

"I have been hungering for a collaborative experience like this. Edcamp Utah met my expectations and beyond." Sharon Moore


Edcamp Utah 2014 Notes available in Google Drive at goo.gl/x6qdxq



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