Free iOS App – Scotland’s Big Five (Animals, Nature)

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Scotland’s Big 5 is a guide to five iconic Scottish wild animals – the golden eagle, the red deer, the otter, the red squirrel and the harbour seal.

Wonderful photography, video and audio, and a stack of key facts help to reveal the dramatic and surprising lives of these five animals.

Over 100 special places across Scotland are also featured, from the Shetland Isles to the Galloway coast, where the Big 5 can be seen (and heard).

So, in the Year of Homecoming Scotland 2014, as we celebrate Scotland's fantastic natural resources and active pursuits, this app is perfect for discovering more about some of the country’s wildlife.

This app includes:
•Stunning images of the Big 5 from award-winning photographers.
•Video and audio clips that capture the wild spirit of each animal.
•Key facts that highlight their remarkable lives.
•Expert tips on how to identify each animal. 
•Details of the best places to see the Big 5 in the wild.

This app is available for iPhone.


Free iOS App – Mitosis (Biology)

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Mitosis: An interactive learning experience

How do cells divide to grow new hair, repair your skin, or strengthen your bones? Mitosis walks you through the process of cell division, and explains everything that happens along the way. You'll usher cells through mitosis with your fingers, learning about what happens in each phase of the process. You can also look at images of actual cells dividing under a microscope and see the actual structures you've studied.

Mitosis includes the following features:

* Interactive exploration of mitosis
* Actual photographs of cells from light microscopes
* Video content (while connected to the Internet)
* "Read and listen" text and audio that explains mitosis
* Interactive quiz to test your knowledge of mitosis
* Comprehensive glossary of relevant terms
* Access to additional resources for understanding mitosis

You can provide feedback to our team by visiting our website at We'd love to know how we can make the interactive learning process even more engaging.


Free iOS & Android App – Promega (Science Tools)

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Android App:


iOS App:


The Promega App provides reference information and tools for life scientists. It combines tools for use at the bench, such as calculators and annotatable protocols, with in-depth reference materials covering key topics in molecular and cell biology. 


Quick Protocols (iPad only): Easily view, run and annotate Promega protocols. Run timers directly from the relevant steps, and when complete, email the annotated protocols for printing. 

Biomath Calculators: Quickly calculate melting temperature, molarity, dilution, DNA and protein concentration, and more. 

Restriction Enzyme Tools: Find an enzyme by name, recognition sequence or overhang and identify compatible buffers for double digests. 

Protocols & Applications Guide: Use this section to learn more about molecular and cell biology, or to find example protocols for common molecular, cell biology and DNA analysis procedures. 

Multimedia: Includes video protocols and animated demos. Can be viewed from within the Protocols & Applications Guide, or easily accessed via a separate menu. 

Interactive Cell Signaling Pathways (iPad only): Explore two signaling pathways, MAPK/ERK and PI3K/mTOR, through interactive diagrams that link to further online resources, peer-reviewed literature and available products to aid in cell signaling research.


Free iOS App – HudsonAlpha iCell (Biology)

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We kept the name and the icon, but have rebuilt almost everything else based on suggestions we received from you, the users. iCell 3.0 includes all new 3D models of cellular organelles that are more accurate and realistic than those previously released on the iPhone/iPad. We have included additional organelles previously not found in the iPhone/iPad app. The iPad version also supports the ability to choose among three levels of detail in the descriptions of the cellular structures. Finally, we have redesigned the user interface with new menus and quicker load times between cell types. As always, iCell allows users a 3D view inside of a typical plant, animal and bacterial cell. Easily navigable and simple to use, iCell gives users an intuitive tool to compare animal, plant and bacterial cell structure.

iCell gives students, teachers, and anyone interested in biology a 3D view inside a cell. Included are examples of three types of cells: animal, plant, and bacteria. Learn about the various parts of the cell, which biologists, biochemists, and DNA researchers at the HudsonAlpha Institute study and use to advance the limits of biotechnology.

You can use your finger to tap on parts of the cell to select and zoom in on that particular organelle. Each organelle comes with a name and a short description of its function in the cell.

For a better view of each cell, hold down one finger on the screen, and drag to rotate around the cell or selected organelle. You can zoom in and out by pinching or flaring with two fingers at once.

We hope you enjoy!


Free iOS App – SPARKvue (data collection app for PASCO sensors)

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New! SPARKvue 2.1 now brings live data sharing to our popular sensor-based data collection, visualization and analysis application for STEM learning. In addition to collecting data on your own iPad, SPARKvue now supports live sharing of sensor data with anyone else–on any other iPad, tablet, Mac or Windows computer.

Capture data from the world around you:
● Connect any of 70+ PASCO sensors via our Bluetooth interfaces–see pH, temperature, force, carbon dioxide level and much more–all in real time!
● Capture images with the integrated cameras and use SPARKvue’s image analysis capabilities
● Collect and display live data using the iPad onboard accelerometer and sound sensors

Key features:
● Measure and display sensor data in real time
● Display data in a graph, bar graph, analog meter, digits or table
● Build custom displays–mix display types, images, videos, text and assessments
● Analyze data with built-in statistical tools (min, max, mean, standard deviation, count and area)
● Select from 6 different curve fits including linear and quadratic
● Pinch and zoom manipulation of graphs
● Capture and annotate images
● Add videos, photos and GIFs
● Open and perform any of the 60+ SPARKlab interactive lab activities available free online
● Create and export electronic student lab journals
● Integrated with cloud-based file sharing services such as Dropbox and more
● Add assessments including multiple choice, drop down lists, and free text response
● Live data sharing and session sharing across devices–with each student capturing the shared data on their own device for further analysis

Designed for science learning:
● Convenient annotation, snapshot and electronic journaling are among the features supporting peer dialogue, classroom presentations, and assessment.
● With SPARKlab interactive lab activities, teachers can blend instructional content, live data collection & analysis, refl

Common user experience across platforms:
SPARKvue is a member of PASCO’s SPARKscience family, providing the same user experience across all technology environments:
● tablets
● computers
● interactive whiteboards
No matter what the mix of technology is in the classroom or the school, teachers and students all share the same user experience–placing the learning experience in the forefront and simplifying classroom management.

● 2010 CODiE award, Best Education solution for mobile devices
● 2010 Worlddidac Award for excellence
● 2011 EdNet’s Best for 2011; a “game changer”

Where do I get sensors?
PASCO offers over 70 PASPORT Sensors, including MultiMeasure Sensors such as the Chemistry or Water Quality Sensors, measuring multiple phenomena with just one convenient sensor box. For purchasing information, see

SPARKvue supports 25 languages. See for details.

SPARKvue has an integrated help system, just a touch away with the help icon. Further assistance with SPARKvue or any PASCO product is available free from PASCO Teacher Support.

About PASCO:
PASCO scientific brings a rich history of innovation and support for science education, with 50 years of service to educators around the world.