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   Saturday, December 2, I went to a rally for Bear’s Ears at the Utah State Capitol.  It was heartening to see so many people, (5,000 according to KSL) involving themselves in the politics of this country IN A PEACEFUL manner.   I found out afterward that one of my students was there.  Several people I know were there whom I did not see.  

   Little kids were dressed up in teddy bear costumes.  I could not believe how many old people were there, people older than me with canes and walkers.  A little old lady with a walker asked me to sign a petition against gerrymandering.   The protest signs were amazing some very funny, some clever, and some pretty risque.  I had the opportunity to talk to law enforcement.  I started a conversation with a canine officer and ended up talking to his human partner.  Aaron was a very interesting and friendly human and AAros was such a handsome dog.  He was wearing goggles so his eyes would not accidentally get poked by a wayward sign.  

Officers Aaron & AAros

   I ran into one of my friends and a member of my book club while there.  We read mostly non-fiction books like, Hillbilly Elegy, Sons of Witchita: The Koch Brothers, This Fight is Our Fight by Elizabeth Warren.  Every month we whine, “What can we do to make our country better?”   “Encourage people to vote.”  “Have frank discussions.”  “Listen to both sides.”  “Write to our legislators.”

   Going to that rally was something I could DO.  I could be NOT NEUTRAL.  I could take a stand and make my voice heard.  That’s what I did.  I felt empowered, righteous, proud.   It was great.   I wish I could have attended the rally again today but it was not possible.  

   This is what I am going to tell my book club I am doing.  Getting Involved!  Are you?

UELMA Award Nominations

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2008 UELMA Award Nominations

Do YOU know a school librarian who embraces challenges, spends her/his time

Future Ready Librarians

UELMA 2018 Conference Logo

collaborating and being all-around indispensable?  Do students flock to the school library because they enjoy books, reading, giving and getting feedback and suggestions from that librarian?  Do you go to that librarian for advice about Nearpod, Kahoot, Adobe Spark or other technology questions?  Nominate that jewel for a UELMA award!  We need to encourage those amazing library teachers who advocate and support student learning with

The UELMA CONFERENCE is March 9, 2018 at the Utah Cultural Celebration Center.

For more information visit UELMA’s website,


Teachers, Share Your Voice!

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The following is a message from the Utah Teacher Fellows Program. Please consider taking a few minutes either today (Friday) or tomorrow (Saturday) to share your semi-anonymous (they need your school district information) thoughts on the topic of Teacher Leaders and Leadership. 

Hello, fellow Utah educators and administrators- 

As you have hopefully heard by now, the first cohort of the Utah Teacher Fellows Program a partnership of Hope Street Group and NNSTOY launched this summer. This teacher voice network works with the Utah State Board of Education, to make sure that classroom teacher voices are included in Utah policy decisions.

We are working to gather teacher perspectives around the topic of Teacher Leaders and Leadership. We want to make sure that opinions of licensed k-12 teachers from all regions of Utah are included in our report.

Our survey will only take a few minutes to complete and the opinions you and your colleagues share are instrumental in informing education policy here in Utah. Your responses are anonymous.

The survey is open until Saturday, October 28th:

After you take the survey, can you please share the survey link with your colleagues? If you are an administrator, could you encourage all the teachers at your school to participate? The more teachers who share their voice, the bigger the impact.

Thanks in advance! 

Like us on FB at and follow us on twitter @HSG_UT for all the latest information affecting Utah teachers.


The Utah Teacher Fellows.

2017 Digital Citizenship Summit

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NOTE: The following information is taken from the Digital Citizenship Summit webpage. It has been posted below to help spread the word about the summit. Please consider attending and inviting parents, students and school community councils.

Event URL –  Organization URL –

Utah Valley Convention Center, Provo, UT * November 2-3, 2017

Join hundreds of influencers at the third annual Digital Citizenship Summit (DigCitSummit) hosted by EPIK Deliberate Digital in Provo, UT. The theme this year is EXPAND.

EXPAND the conversation around kids and technology.

EXPAND your network.

EXPAND our shared impact toward a more Positive DigCit culture.

This flagship DigCitSummit event will be different than most conferences. We won't be having a one-way lecture/panel model, but rather will be engaging together in roundtable sharing and discussion. Every voice will matter, including the voices of youth who attend the meetings. #NotAboutThemWithoutThem

See our FAQ for more details about age and other requirements for youth attendance. For travel and lodging information, please see the DigCitSummit travel & lodging microsite created by our service partner, the Utah Valley Visitor's Bureau.

The DigCitSummit is really about creating a movement of people making an impact — ripples — in their own spheres to change the way we as adults and kids alike talk about, teach, and engage the powerful and ever-expanding digital landscape of our day.

EdSurge Tech Leaders Circle: Salt Lake City, UT

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NOTE: The information below has been pulled directly from the EdSurge Eventbrite posting. It has been reposted here in an effort to spread the word among tech leaders in Utah. Please consider attending.

EdSurge, in collaboration with the Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative, is traveling around the country to learn the best practices from education leaders currently working in K-12 schools and district offices.

This inaugural event will focus on personalized learning. What is personalized learning? Is it just another buzzword? How are you thinking about PL? Does technology play a role? It will be a night of collaboration, where the focus will be on learning from each other. You should walk away with new connections and a wealth of new ideas.

EdSurge is hosting this event to learn from you, report on your stories around personalized learning, and look for potential writers for the EdSurge network.

Refreshments and light appetizers will be served.

Come connect with folks from all over the Salt Lake City area, engage in great conversation, and learn from other awesome educators!

Tue, October 17, 2017
6:30 PM – 8:30 PM MDT

Access Salt Lake
175 West 200 South
Garden Level
Salt Lake City, UT 84101

Use the following link to register:

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