Being a Pioneer

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In my extended family we celebrate the 24th of July like it's Christmas.  It's something that we've done for more years than I think anybody realizes. The 24th always makes me think about the early settlers of Utah as I sat at the parade and watched representations of Utah's early history come streaming past. This year I have been thinking about the pioneering educators that have influenced me and have helped me to grow.  I think that most importantly I have to give a big shout out to Mary Green at Valley Junior High School and Kathy Gaskins at Granger High School. Their lessons were the kind of lessons that helped to shape my thinking and forced me to go out on a limb in my own education. They expected great things and pushed me to achieve that. In college I had the honor of taking classes from Dr. Scott Hunsaker and Dr. Parker Fawson. These two gentlemen helped to lay the foundation for my early ideas of what a classroom should look like and how I might achieve the classroom that I wanted. In my mind these are all pioneers because they laid the foundation for those who came after them. I owe them a huge thanks and a way to go. I appreciate all of the teachers and educators who help shape me as an educator and who continually share their great ideas.

So as you embrace the upcoming school year with excitement and enthusiasm I hope that you too will be a pioneer for the future educators in your classroom. I hope that you will find pioneering lessons in your departments/teams/PLCs as you use continue to shape the future. You rock! You are amazing! Thanks so much for being the educational pioneer that we need!

Free iOS App Today: Air Radio Tune

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Air radio tune provides a quick and easy way to listen to thousands of streaming Internet radio stations and free music on your iPhone,iPad and iPod. Listen the most important of the large collection of music, news, sports and speaking stations worldwide. Over 30,000 radio stations in great quality, of any genre and style. Create playlists of favorites to your liking and direction.
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– Access to more than 30,000 radio stations on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.
– Multitasking supports background audio playback so you can listen while doing other things.
– Search for an artist and name of the station.
– Update stations from internet.
– Organize a list of your favorite stations.
– Supports broadband streams.
– Scanning stations with the established interval.
– Set buffering timer.
– Add, edit and delete your own stations.
– Album and artist information displayed when available.
– Time-shifting with live streams:rewind and fast forward back to "live".
– MP3 "on demand" file streaming with time-shifting features.
– Support for MP3, AAC, and AAC+ v1 (also called HE AAC), and HE AACv2 audio streams.
– Add custom URLs – pls, m3u, mp3 and AAC direct link.
– Automatic handling of interruptions due to incoming phone calls or audio from other apps.
– Music visualizer: see the animations react to the music.
– Information about the free RAM and free storage.
– AirPlay support – stream the music wirelessly to other AirPlay compatible devices.
– Setting of memory for audio packets.
– Defines the amount of audio playback time.
– Local radio stations from China, USA, UK, Russia, Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Ukraine, Portugal, Netherlands, Sweden, Austria, Armenia, Belgium, Switzerland, Poland, Belarus, Czech Republic and Denmark.

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Free iOS App Today: WiTOP HD – High Speed Remote Desktop App

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All new WiTop with guaranteed connectivity. WiTop is one of the easiest and fastest remote desktop application to access your Windows PC from your iPad. It is 15X faster than VNC and RDP!

Access your PC from anywhere in your home, classroom or office with this blazing fast remote desktop app. You’ll first need to install the necessary company software from Then fire up WiTop on your iPad and connect. The app offers complete mouse control and a fully functional keyboard. 

You can use WiTop to access your computer on the local network with best video streaming performance. You can view and edit Microsoft Office and PDF files. You can browse the internet using IE, Chrome, and Firefox with full features offered by Windows on PC. You can also play games on PC with full control offered by WiTop and more!

Use WiTop as remote control for your PC while delivering live lectures or during presentations. Record all your activity with recording pack and store in photo album for later use. 

WiTop is fully compatible with all PC applications and offers easy to learn and use gestures to access your PC. It also offers amazing display quality without compromising on speed. It is an ideal application for home users as well as for commercial use. 


-See full 32 bit color display.
-Realtime PC access for video streaming and gaming
-Easy to use gestures for full PC control
-Complete mouse controls through easy to learn and use gestures
-Authentication based security
-Guaranteed connectivity with manual discover
-Two auto discovery modes


1. Install latest WiTop Streamer version 2.0.0 on your PC (Windows 8, Windows 7,Vista and XP). Download for free from

2. WiTop streamer is highly optimized and runs well even on Pentium 4.

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