One Teacher’s Journey to Bridge the Tech Gap

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The Gap Can Be Bridged. I have seen it. In education we have many different and unique professionals. One problem we face is the rate of change, especially in technology. Programs and devices are common place in our lives. But the gap is increasing between those who embrace technology and those that are hesitant. I have run up against this problem for years with educators that I work with. One teacher's journey. – Suzanne Harris

#UTEdChat Questions for 10/18 – Teacher Leader Roles #TLUtah

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This week we have Allison Riddle (@UtahTOY2014) an Elementary Mentor Supervisor in Davis School District leading the discussion on Teacher Leader Roles. If you haven’t already followed Allison via Twitter (@UtahTOY2014) you should probably do so because it will help you to better follow the chat. 

As always, please be sure to include #UTedChat in your responses so everyone participating can see your thoughts and ideas.

Q1: Tweet the first 3 words that come to mind when you read “highly effective teacher”. Beyond salary limitations, why do you think we struggle with

Q2: Beyond salary limitations, why do you think we struggle with long-term teacher retention in Utah?

Q3: How would you define Teacher Leadership?

Q4: In what ways do you use your time and expertise as a Teacher Leader?

Q5: In what ways would a recognized Teacher Leadership position benefit student learning?

Q6: How can we increase teacher voice in Utah?

Allison Riddle is a 29-year veteran elementary teacher and is currently the Elementary Mentor Supervisor for Davis District. Allison is Utah’s 2014 Teacher of the Year, and she represents Utah’s teachers as a member of Governor Herbert’s Education Excellence Commission. Allison is a Global Fellow with the NEA Foundation and will study schools in South Africa next summer. Allison is currently researching mentoring and Teacher Leadership with Weber State University.

You can follow Allison via Twitter at @UtahTOY2014.

– Chat Archive via Storify (Available after the chat.)

Free online math game – Fish Bowl Addition

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One fish, two fish, add up all the fish! In this interactive addition game, kids help Birdee and Cuz-Cuz total up all the fish they’ve won. Inspired by tactile addition activities, this game helps kids visualize addition without the use of manipulatives, to help early learners transition from solving problems in a concrete way to solving problems using mental addition strategies.

Motivating Upper Elementary

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A brief presentation of ways in which upper elementary educators can utilize current pop culture to illicit motivation and creativity in their students. It will also showcase other popular educators that provide pre-made activities already tied to standards that can act as a skeleton for other educators to differentiate for their own students needs. – – Keith Reidford

Free iOS App: Shadow Puppet

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Easily create videos in the classroom! Students as young as five can make videos to tell stories, explain ideas, or document their learning. 30+ lesson ideas supporting Common Core make it easy to get started!

***Best Edtech of 2014. “A must-have app for elementary classrooms.” – Graphite | Common Sense Media ***

**2014 Best App for Teaching & Learning – American Association of School Librarians**
**Featured by Apple as Best App for Middle School for 5 months!**

∙ Present a project or describe an experience
∙ Search Library of Congress, NASA, Met Museum, maps for images to explain an idea
∙ Develop digital storytelling skills
∙ Demonstrate understanding of a concept for assessment
∙ Improve speaking skills or practice reading aloud

∙ Create mini-lessons for blended learning or flipped classroom
∙ Develop more engaging prompts for assignments or discussions
∙ Provide examples of final projects

+ Use photos and video clips from camera roll
∙ Up to 100 items per video and up to 30 minutes long

+ Built-in search for images and maps
∙ Educational Image Search: Library of Congress, NASA, Met Museum of Art, British Library
∙ Maps Search: Search and clip images from maps and satellite maps
∙ Automatic image credits added to end of videos to cite sources
∙ Safe search enabled
∙ Option for administrators to disable image search

+ Record voiceover narration, add music, or both
∙ Record voiceover as you flip through your photos
∙ Choose one of our background songs or a song from iTunes library

+ Add text titles
∙ Choose font, color, size, position, and animation

+ Draw on screen and interact with your images as you record
∙ Draw with pointer tools
∙ Zoom in/out, pan, swipe between images

+ Easy sharing – no app needed to view!
∙ Send via email to parents, student, or colleagues
∙ Upload to Seesaw, iCloud, Drive, Dropbox, and more
∙ Embed on website or blog
∙ Share to Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, or Instagram
∙ Option for administrators to disable parental gates for sharing

+ Video export with optional HD export
∙ Automatically saves .mp4 video file to camera roll

+ 30+ activity ideas right in the app
∙ Find ideas for English, language arts, history, science, math, art, and foreign language that support the Common Core
∙ Easily adapt ideas to your students’ learning level and your curriculum

+ Pairs with Apple TV
∙ Watch and create videos on the big screen for all students to see

∙ CCSS.ELA-Literacy.SL.2-4.5: Create audio recordings of stories or poems
∙ CCSS.ELA-Literacy.SL.5-12.5: Include multimedia components and visual displays in presentations
∙ CCSS.ELA-Literacy.CCRA.SL.5: Make strategic use of digital media to express information and enhance understanding of presentations
∙ CCSS.ELA-Literacy.CCRA.W.6: Use technology to produce and publish writing

“Great app. Intuitive interface. Students loved hearing/seeing their voice+words+pics. Definitely upgraded their text-only narratives.” – Mr. Garvin, 7th/8th Grade Teacher

“The students absolutely enjoy this app! It’s AMAZING to use in the classroom. It’s great to see a student sitting in the hallway listening back to her own work.” – Ms. Laidlaw, 1st/2nd Grade Teacher

Shadow Puppet Edu is licensed for school use. If you’re not an educator or student, please check out our other app, Shadow Puppet. 

*** We’re here to help! Contact us with any questions at or tweet @puppet ***