We Have The BEST People Involved with the UCET Conference!

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I am staggered. In less than 24 hours, the 102 people that have signed up to volunteer at the conference have filled up over 85% of the 126 different volunteer time slots that we have asked them for! I’m positive that we will have the rest of those slots filled very soon. 

UCET 24 Hour Volunteer Activity

When you see someone wearing a volunteer t-shirt at the conference, please give them a high-five for me!

Our volunteers really do make this conference work, and work well, for the almost 1,500 registered conference participants. They are so important to what we do, and we can’t thank these great people enough for their willingness to help. THANK YOU!

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YOU Make a Difference! 

Prep for #ucet18 with Us

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Back in December I posted some “Thoughts on Bored and Brilliant”. I’d like to invite you to participate in the week-long Bored and Brilliant Challenge beginning March 12. Each day I’ll post a link to the challenge for the following day. Take some time to listen to the podcast episode, check out the suggestions on the website and plan how you will step up. Let us know how you do with the hashtags #YOUcet, #ucet18 and #BABChallenge. Below is the schedule if you like to plan things out in advance. I’m looking forward to seeing how we grow.

#UCET18 Teacher Grants

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Did you know that UCET awards grants of up to $1500 each year? The only requirements are to attend both days of the conference March 22-23 and apply for a grant requesting items from any of our generous vendors. Applications will open from March 23-April 19, 2018. 

Don’t miss our Over-the-Shoulder presentation at UCET spotlighting last year’s grant winners!

Games Galore!

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Hey!  Remember playing Basketball Kahoot at UCET a couple of years ago?  What about the year we had to find all the secrets hidden throughout the school, like the one on the back of Arnold Schwarzenegger?  Well, we are playing Kahoot at UCET again this year!  Don’t miss it!

It all happens, workshops, playground, ignite sessions, great keynote speakers, meeting and greeting new friends and old, at UCET on March 22 & 23.  Register Here.  http://tinyurl.com/ucet18  #YOUcet Where the focus is YOU!  #UCET

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YOU Make a Difference! Thank you for being the teacher behind the technology.

Call for UCET Volunteers

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Are YOUcet? We are so excited for our upcoming UCET Conference March 22-23 at the University of Utah, but really need your help to pull it off. Be a critical part of making the conference a success by becoming an official UCET Volunteer! Please share this with any other educators that you know will be attending the conference as well. 
Volunteer Benefits:
  • A wonderful T-shirt you can sport around your school and neighborhood!
  • Your name in a volunteers-only drawing for a fantastic prize!
  • A special thank you gift!
  • The warm and fuzzy feeling you will get knowing you helped out a great organization!
  • A chance to network with some amazing people!
  • Our undying gratitude
Learn more about what areas of the conference we need help with on the UCET Volunteer page. Closer to the conference, we will send you another form to choose your day and time slot. 
Thanks for your participation!

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