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Bring your company to UCET!

This year’s conference will be held on March 16 and 17, 2017 at the University of Utah. Our Gold and Platinum level vendors will be located in the main Union corridor. Silver traditional sponsors will be located in the Salt Air Room in the Union. Playground vendors, a new option this year, will be held in  the new Warnock Engineering building, next door to the Union. The Playground is unique in that each of the vendor booths is highly interactive. If you want the attendees to sample or preview your product live, the Playground would be a great option for you. If you wish to have a more traditional exhibit space, then the Salt Air in the Union is for you. If you want to be one of our gold or platinum vendors, you will be placed prominently in the Union near the keynote. So, whatever you prefer, we have an option for your company!

There are four levels of vendor sponsorship. The first level is the Platinum level. The second level is the Gold level. The third level is Silver. The fourth level is the Playground. The Playground spaces are all interactive and are intermingled in our Playground which will be in the Warnock Engineering building. The cost of the Platinum level is $6000, which includes a complete package. The cost of the Gold level is $2000. The cost of  the Silver level is $750. The cost of the Playground level is $850. Pricing details are available on the Vendor Pricing page.

Our conference comprises stakeholders from all areas of public and private education. Technology directors, administrators, and teachers attend the conference each year. The conference attendees are highly interested in seeing and hearing about new and innovative ways to use technology in education and are, in most cases, sent to the conference by their school districts to evaluate instructional technologies. In a nutshell, the attendees of this conference are the movers, shakers, and decision-makers regarding technological decisions in Utah’s schools. Please join us for the best conference we’ve had in our 35 year history!

We are excited to host the event at the University of Utah again this year! It will be better than ever!

Shipping Information

You may ship small packages and boxes directly to the Union building at the following address:

University of Utah 

A Ray Olpin Union

Attention: Union Reservations/UCET Conference

200 S Central Campus Dr.

Salt Lake City, UT 84112

Set Up and Break Down Information

Set up will begin March 15, 2017, from 3-8 PM. No vendors will be allowed to set up earlier. Tear down is Friday, March 17, 2017. For our silver and playground vendors, tear down time is anytime after 3:15 PM on Friday, March 17. For our gold and platinum vendors, tear down is after the closing keynote session on Friday, March 17.  

Arrival and Dismissal Times During the Conference

The conference activities begin at 7:30 AM prior the opening keynote. On March 16, there will be entertainment in the ballroom beginning at 7:00 AM. Vendors must be in their booths no later than 10:00 AM each morning. For Gold and Platinum Vendors, booths must be set up before 7:30 AM on March 16.  It is recommended that Gold and Platinum Vendors arrive before the opening keynotes begin each day. This will provide your company with an opportunity to meet our attendees at an optimal time. Silver and Playground Vendors must remain in their booths until 3:15 PM each day. Platinum and Gold Vendors must remain in their booths until 4:30 PM Thursday and Friday. 

Attendee Badge Scanning Options

Our registration system, CVENT, offers a badge scanning option for $200.00 each. If desired, please contact Sallie Warnecke to receive contact informaiton at CVENT. A second option is to provide your own QR scanning app on your device. Each attendee will have a QR code on his/her badge with school/district information, name, email address, and other contact information. 

TCC Meeting and Speed Presentations

The TCC meeting will be held on Thursday, March 16. For information in joining this meeting, or to apply to present in the speed presentations, please contact Rick Gaisford, at In order to present or attend the meeting as a vendor, you must be registered as a silver level sponsor.  You will be required to present your booth number when contacting Mr. Gaisford.

Conference Presentations

Vendors are able to present at the conference if they choose to. The number of presentations allowed depends on the vendor level. Please submit presentation proposals online here:
Click Here to Submit Presentation Proposals.
If you are submitting after the submission deadline of February 2, 2017, please also email Katie Blunt ( to let her know you have submitted so she can add you to the conference schedule.