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Next Conference - March 22 & 23, 2018!


The presentation submission window for UCET 2017 is now closed.

We hope you consider presenting at UCET 2018. Before completing the presenter registration form, be sure to look through the Presenter Guide so you have a good understanding of how to submit your presentation proposal. Read the descriptions below to learn about the variety of presenter opportunities available:


This in an hour-long, traditional one-way presentation.

Panel Discussion

A moderator and 2-3 panelists explore an educational technology-related topic for one hour.

Over the Shoulder

Present a focused 20-minute tutorial on one specific solution, tool, or content provider.

Ignite! 20 slides in 5 minutes that inspire!

Presenters will have just five minutes and 20 slides each to share their passions, tell their stories, or share their experiences in a continuous rapid-fire presentation! Presenter slides are shown for 15 seconds each on an automatic rotation for a total of 5 minutes of fame. By sharing what ignites their passions—a professional practice from the classroom, excitement about a new tool that will spark creativity for their students, or a personal story of student engagement– Ignite! presenters will fan the flames for their fellow attendees while awakening their awareness, stimulating their thought, or spurring them to action.
(Adapted from the ISTE Ignite! description)

Interactive Lecture

Present an hour-long class or presentation that includes some activities for audience participation.

Student Showcase

Invite your students to UCET to show what they have been learning with technology! Student Showcases are two-hour, demonstration-style booths in which students speak to educators one-on-one or in small group interactions about educational technology projects they have been involved in.

Note: Student Showcase is now part of the playground! All student showcases should be submitted as Playground presentations (see below).

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

Presenters teach/train educators through hands-on activities in hour-long sessions.


A workshop is a two-hour, in-depth exploration of a topic or tool. Enrollment in workshops is limited to allow presenters to teach topics more effectively. Attendees do not need to pay extra to attend UCET workshops.


Learning should be active. Learning should be fun. Learning should be free. At UCET, it’s all three. In the UCET Playground attendees can explore 3D Printers, build robots, code, create, and learn how to take over the world… kind of. In the UCET playground attendees get to do just that – PLAY!