Attendee Registration for #UCET19

Grant Recipients

  • The LASER cool Classroom
  • News Show Podcast Project
  • Digital Storytelling with iPads – Technology Meets the Pen
  • Tablets for Teachers: Increasing Teacher Motivation
  • iPads and Apple TV – Using Technology to Increase Student Engagement
  • Accessing the General Education Curriculum
  • Improving Student Perfance and Engagement with a Student Response System
  • Our Library Nook – The Future of the Book
  • If iHad an iPad
  • Flipping Presentations
  • Quest for 21st Century Learning
  • Clickers in the Media Center
  • ISTE 2010 Registration
  • Mustang Productions
  • iPods in the Classroom
  • Peer Editing in 21st Century
  • Projector, Mimio & Slates Students w Disabilities
  • "Check it Out" for Media Center iPods
  • "Kennecott History" for video camera, microphone, tripod
  • "New Age Classroom" for student response system
  •  SmartBoard
  • "School-wide daily news" for video camera, tripod
  • GPS for Jefferson's Global Legends for GPS units
  • "Living History Archive" for iPod, DVD recorder