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Dear Nathan,

As a friend of Boxlight and a member of the education community, we know that you are committed to keeping children learning, even when schools are closed. Our Professional Development team has been hard at work developing new resources and tools that are specifically focused on helping educators and parents transition to distance learning. 

In the spirit of community, we have created Boxlight Together, the easiest way to access a curated set of courses, tools and events to support a digital learning transition. All of these resources are now and will always be free of charge.

On Boxlight Together you will find:

  • Online courses on how to teach comprehensive, effective online lessons using G-Suite for Education and Office 365 for Education. Learn More
  • Live Webinars for getting started with G-Suite for Education and Office 365 for Education.Learn More
  • Access to a team of Digital Learning Specialists who are available to answer your distance learning questions and strategies. Learn More

Please check back often and let us know what you need. Educator to Educator, we stand Together.

Boxlight and the Together Team

Questions? Email Jean Knight

The Real Time Curriculum Project

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As many of you know, I have moved on from Curio Learning and am now working as a fellow with National Geographic. In an effort to support educators during this intense time, we’ve put together a resource called The Real Time Curriculum Project that will grow beyond its current iteration into a larger “real time curriculum” concept we’re building. For now, we want to provide a curated, up-to-date hub for educators (and families) around COVID-19 / coronavirus, as well as distance learning support as schools close.
I would be incredibly grateful if you shared this link within your networks. The more who have access to these resources, the better. I’ve included a resource for a quick social media blurb and a draft email for easy copy / pasting purposes if you choose to spread the word linked here.
If you or your organization has created or compiled a resource you would like us to promote within NatGeo’s networks, please feel free to pass it along. Please reach out to me if you have any questions or comments. 
Thank you so much for your support!


Ashley Lamb-Sinclair

Fellow, National Geographic
Lost Jewels Creative Consulting
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