Tooele Techtoberfest 2017

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It seems like a long drive to Tooele. It is about 34 miles and 40 minutes along I-80 from Salt Lake City to Tooele. Techtoberfest, held at Stansbury High School on Friday, October 6, was well worth the trip.
Derek Larson, a St. George native, gave an inspiring keynote that included an homage to his friends and others who were in Las Vegas on the day of the tragic mass shooting.

Derek Larson is the Educational Technology Director for the Southwest Educational Development Center. Formerly a 4th grade teacher, he encouraged all of us to take time out to unplug from our technology and our hectic lives and plug INTO nature and most importantly our families, books, hobbies and other things we love in order to relax and recharge.

Derek did not fail to put in a plug for #utedchat every Wednesday night at 9:00 P.M. It’s great fun AND informative if you can stay up that late.

The first session I attended was Derek’s Breakout Box session. That was exciting! A Breakout Kit is a unique set of resettable locks, boxes, and items that can be used to play many games. The best part of the game, (the one we played was the Never-ending Faculty Meeting – OH THE HORROR!) was the debriefing afterward that included discussing how each clue was found and decoded.   BreakoutEDU

Tooele School District has come up with a great method for combating phishing in their district and they are willing to share. After including all the people who support learning; district bus drives, secretaries, teachers, administrators, custodians and kitchen staff, in a training involving this short video, they noted a BIG decrease in the number of computer viral infections and a BIG increase in the number of phishing scams reported. Link to their FINE PHISHING VIDEO.

Other sessions included Smart Board, Near Pod, Blended Learning, Student Data Protection, Canvas, Plickers, Sway, Gamification, and Virtual Reality.  There was something for everyone!

Thanks to the clever, hard-working people who planned and implemented Techtoberfest; Jim Langston, Thane St. Clair, Nicole St. Clair, Katy Challis, Curriculum Staff, Deb Bushek, Chantet Cowan, Patricia Baldwin, Hal Strain and the Tooele School District IT Department.

What we already knew about social media…

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My post comes from one of the ISTE 2017 keynotes, Jennie Magiera. I am not attending ISTE, though I would love to be there, I chose to stay close to home for family reasons. I have been able to catch quite a bit of the conference via Periscope and #passthescope. Jennie's keynote was very inspiring. She told 5 stories of technology and education and opportunities to reach the students through the use of teachnolgy and story telling. At the end, she encouraged us to make a change through story. #ISTEStory (Look for her keynote to come out later this summer)

One of the stories she told had to do with social media and how it sometimes can make us and our students feel about ourselves. She referenced an article by Seth Stephens-Davidowitz, titled: Don't Let Facebook Make You Miserable. In it the author points out several things that we should already know, mainly that people post the good things about their lives and fail to talk about the bad. He quotes, “Don’t compare your insides to other people’s outsides,”  which is good advice when talking about social media.

I wanted to share this so you could read the article and have a tool to help you when you see a student that is letting social media make them miserable. 




Finding Happiness in Work and School

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Too often outside external sources define and play a roll in our perception of happiness in our own lives. Does working harder make us happier? Is this mode of thinking counter-productive? Shawn Achor teaches about "The Happy Secret to Better Work" in this 12 minutes through his Ted Talk which can help employees, teachers and students. 




It’s Almost Here!

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Hello friends!! Can you believe that UCET is fast approaching? Neither can I.  It's about this time of year each year that I get excited and nervous and more excited as I start to think about all of the great things that will be happening at UCET this year!  This year as I'm starting to look at all of the exciting things that UCET has to offer I can't wait to join in and be a part of one the greatest conferences ever!

Recently I was in Florida attending the Future of Educational Technology Conference.  This was my first time attending and I marveled at the size of the venue and how many teachers were there.  I felt like a small fish in a big pond. I wandered around the conference center and I realized that I was missing the community that I feel whenever I go to UCET.  I love going to UCET an catching up with old friends and meeting new friends.  It is great to collaborate with teachers from the great state of Utah and see what everyone is doing to better the lives of their students.  I'm reminded of the first few years I attended UCET, I was a student and I was simply amazed at how all of these teachers would come together to better education and that's all I wanted to do. They have certainly helped to shape me as an educator. Thank you! Thank you UCET attendees for creating the amazing commmunity that we all enjoy!


UELMA Conference

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UELMA, Utah Educational Library Media Association, will be holding their conference on March 3 at the Utah Cultural Celebration Center.  UELMA is the only organization in the state that was organized specifically as a support and community for school libraries.  UELMA provides a yearly conference to enable professional growth in a dynamic and changing environment.  One of UELMA's ongoing goals is to publicize the components and dimensions of school library media programs.  

The theme for the UELMA conference this year is "Librarians: Agents of Change".  School Librarians work to create welcoming, fun, interactive library experiences for all students.  Join us at UELMA to learn more, have fun and lend a hand in spreading the word about Utah's school libraries!

Guest Speakers and Authors/Illustrators this year include

Chris Raschka, author of Yo!Yes!
Emily Wing Smith, author of The Way We Lived
Judd Winick, author/illustrator of Pedro & Me
Jake Parker, creator of the Missile Mouse graphic novels

The Service Project for the year is YouthLinc & the Santa Isabel, Peru Library Project. Youthlink is dedicated to creating lifetime humanitarians of Utah young people.  

UEN presenters this year include Dani Sloan, Shannon Ririe, & Jami Gardner.  

Stop by the UCET Table to enjoy sit down comedy with Michael Hackkarinen and Andrew Clark.  

Here is a sampling of the Utah School Library Media Specialists who will be leading workshops.

Celia Powell & Cindy Moyle – Picture Books with Secondary Students
Jeff Curran – Twitter & Google+
Jessica Moody – BookTube
Chris Haught – Research 2 Write
Cindy Mitchell – Book Frenzy
Sarah Herron – Every Student Succeds with Strong School Libraries
DaNea Lau – Censorship Vs. Selection
Brad Butcher – Hosting an Author
Warren Child – Hosting a Book Group
Sheri Haderlie & Jadene Denniston – Fake News & Real Strategies
Complete Conference Schedule – March 3, 2017 – Utah Cultural Celebration Center – 1355 West 3100 South, West Valley City

To register for UELMA visit this website.