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Tricia Jackson

Tricia Jackson has worked for Park City School District since 2005. In July 2013 she moved from Education Technology Specialist to Online Learning Administrator. She has been a member of the Utah Coalition for Educational Technology (UCET) Board since 2008; becoming Past President in 2015. She obtained her bachelor’s degree in Information Systems and Spanish at Utah State University. Lesley University awarded her a Master of Technology in Education in the spring of 2011. Over the last few years, Tricia worked on the Awards, Grants, Program, Conference Credit, and Registration committees for UCET. This work includes: streamlining communication methods, implementing folder structures and naming conventions, using Add-ons in Google Spreadsheets to review and process member submissions to reduce paperwork, continuing refinement of the program creation process via Sched, creating participant and vendor registration forms via BlackPlum, and updating various webpages. She was also instrumental in bringing Jay McFarland and Vicki Davis to UCET 2015 as Keynote Speakers. Tricia enjoyed presenting on time management at SUECON 2015 (

Teaching Democracy through Tyranny

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What happens when a teacher sets up a government system in a fourth grade classroom and intentionally sets himself up as a tyrant? Will the students stand up to him and for each other? In this ignite, find out what happens to a class of fourth graders when their rights are infringed upon. Students learned collaboration, communication, and were required to show empathy for a group of people that couldn't be more different than themselves: the opposite sex. – Lewis Young

Giving your students the educational superpower of Wonder

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Wonder has the power to change the world. In this presentation, I propose several key questions and new findings about the power of wonder (can we measure it? can we grow it? how does it translate to learning?) and how it can be a renewable resource which gives students the ability to support social-emotional and self-directed learning. I will explore a new tool called the Wonderment that can bring this power into the classroom, helping students cultivate the imaginative and creative world with – Cassia Nielsen

To Help, To Learn, To Innovate

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Technology is the basis of our modern age. To move forward is to enhance your knowledge in the age we are now entering. To be willing to advance you need to have drive and passion. From a student’s perspective, I will be sharing with you what truly drives me to help, to learn, to innovate. – Luke M.

#ucet18 Registration Live!

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We are excited to announce our UCET 2018 registration is now live! Reserve your spot now! Start looking for our #YOUcet posters in your building. Share this great news with your friends, neighbors, and countrymen. Remember the Early Bird deadline is February 1. Presenter proposals are due December 22. That is just 49 days away!

Registration Links

Early Bird Registration
(Early bird registration ends February 1)

$60 for both days
$40 for one day

Regular Registration:

$70 for both days
$50 for one day

Pre-Service Teacher Discount:

$30 for both days (early bird)
$40 for both days (regular)


Teaching underachieving students with technology

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Many community college and university professors are dealing with the underachieving students. How can we provide ways to engage the student who may be underachieving? Using technology can assist students on line and in face to face classes. This presentation will demonstrate how using technology in a college lecture can enhance the students learning experience. – Deidre Tyler