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Jared Covili has been a regular UCET presenter and attendee since 2003 - when the UCET bug first bit him. Jared has been on the UCET board since 2008 and served as UCET President in 2011-2012. He is currently serving as ISTE Affiliate Rep. Jared works at UEN (tech training), the U of U (adjunct teaching), and Corwin Press (book writing and speaking).

Questions for #utedchat on April 24th.

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Where have you been that’s inspired you as a teacher?

Is traveling as a teacher important? What can it add to the classroom?

How has travel (conferences, workshops, grants, etc.) influenced your practice?

Let’s do a funding exchange! What are the best ways you’ve found to pay for teacher travel?

Tell us your best tool. What are some ways to bring travel to your classroom?

What is your favorite TED Talk or video to share another culture with your students?

If you could travel anywhere to help with your curriculum, where would you go and why?

Questions for #utedchat for 12/19 – Fresh Start moderated by Amy Wood

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Q1. At the beginning of the year, we talked about our management styles. What has gone well? Is there anything you would like to change or do differently? #UTEdchat

Q2. Round 1 of parent teacher conferences have come and gone. What went well? What changes do you want to make before round 2? #UTEdchat

Q3. While including and involving parents in your classroom this year, what success have you had? How will you continue to involve parents the rest of the year? #UTEdchat

Q4. Let’s talk about curriculum. What new lessons have you tried this year? What did you learn from teaching them? #UTEdchat

Q5. Student learning is at the heart of our job. What have you done this year to measure student growth? What have you learned that will impact your planning? #UTEdchat

Q6. What opportunities for professional development have you participated in this year? Any takeaways that you are implementing right now or that you will use later? #UTEdchat

Q7. Christmas break is around the corner, and you have earned it! Why is rejuvenation important for teachers? What will you do to relax and reset for 2019?  #UTEdchat

Amy Wood works with new teachers and mentors in Jordan District as a Mentor Teacher Specialist. Before that, she taught 1st grade and is at home in the younger grades. She has enjoyed the past year and half working with the Utah Teacher Fellows. She earned her NBCT in 2010 and has been working with UEA to run a NBCT Jumpstart program in Utah to help more educators obtain their certification. Any spare time she has is spent with her husband and her nine month old son.

#utedchat Questions for 5/2

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Topic for #utedchat – Surviving the Last Month of School

Q1 With so many activities and events taking place in May, what are some of your strategies for maintaining some sense of routine? Or is it time to break from the routine? Why or why not? #utedchat

Q2 With your curriculum objectives nearly complete 😉 May is a time to have some fun – what is a fun non-traditional curriuculm project or activity you do with your students? #utedchat

Q3 With testing, final grades, school anxiety, etc. the end of the school year can be stressful for kids and teachers. What are some ways you provide a calm environment in your classroom? #utedchat

Q4 Do-Over: As you reflect upon this school year, what is one thing you plan to do differently for next year? What would this year’s students say was awesome about your class? #utedchat

Q5 As things wind down on this school year it’s never too early to begin thinking about next year. What are some of your strategies for ensuring you get off on the right foot in August? What are some things you can do now to prepare? #utedchat

Q6 Summer Reading List – What book are looking forward to reading this summer? Any suggestions for others? #utedchat

Q7 Time to celebrate – what is one thing you plan to do this summer to relax and enjoy the break? #utedchat


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As we mentioned at the conference last week, UCET is excited to share information and a discount to attend the ISTE conference this summer in Chicago, Illinois.  Please check out the slides below and pay attention to the $35 discount available through April 23, 2018.  You’ll also find information about the refresh on the ISTE Administrator Standards.  UCET always has a good showing at the ISTE conference each year, we hope you’ll be able to join us!

Follow up the UCET love at ISTE

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We're all so excited for UCET this week.  It will be great to learn new things, connect with old friends, and share in our Utah community.  Some of you may be wondering how you can expand your PLN beyond Utah and learn from even more amazing educators.  In a word – ISTE.  The International Society for Technology in Education conference in June is a fantastic way to continue the conversations started at UCET.  This year's conference is being held from June 26 – 29 in San Antonio, Texas.  It will bring together educators from around the world, all with the purpose to help students learn and grow through technology integration.  I hope you'll consider attending ISTE, it's been a huge part of my professional learning and I know it can make a difference for you too.